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Liberties Press is committed to publishing high-quality work from new, emerging and established authors. We accept unsolicited submissions for non-fiction, fiction and poetry throughout the year.

UNESCO reports that almost 500,000 new books are published in the United States and the United Kingdom combined every year. In this environment, a publisher provides a unique and important service to the author: helping their voice be heard in a crowded marketplace.

Liberties Press charges a fee* to consider a manuscript for publication. This fee covers some of the costs associated with preparing a report on the manuscript; the report, which generally runs to two or three pages, assesses the structure and content, literary style, and marketability of the work.

The report is supplied to the author within six weeks of the submission, and payment of the fee. If Liberties is interested in pursuing the project further, we can then arrange a zoom or audio call to discuss next steps. In the event of Liberties not being in a position to proceed, we hope that the report will be of use as you consider other avenues for the work.

Submissions should be in digital format (although we also accept submissions in hard copy*), with a minimum of three chapters (though preferably the full manuscript), a synopsis, and a covering letter.

We have a hard-earned reputation as an innovative publisher of high-quality books. Over the years, we have received thousands of submissions, and have successfully published several hundred new titles. We hope that authors will think carefully before submitting material to us, and to value the work that we do.

We look forward to receiving your submission. Please contact us via the email contact form if you have any queries; we aim to respond to all queries within one working day.


* This fee is currently €750 (plus VAT at appropriate rate).

** If submitting in hard copy, please do not include original photographs or documents, as we cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of such items.

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