‘Who?’ The Most Remarkable People You’ve Never Heard Of

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Meet The Author

‘Who? Never heard of him.’

‘Who? Never heard of her.’

Many remarkable people are often overshadowed by shallow celebrities, and Donough O’Brien has worked to uncover and expose those who have accomplished so much but have been long forgotten – or never known. This book brings the unrecognised to recognition – with over 200 names that should trip off the tongue, but don’t. Many Irish men and women are identified in the book:

Who put Guinness on the map? Which Irishman was ‘the bravest Englishman at Waterloo’? Who was John Kennedy’s first dangerous lover? Who gave us the word ‘boycott’? Who stopped Catholic priests from marrying? Who came from Ireland and wrecked Paraguay? Who designed the White House? Who was Ireland’s No. 1 Nazi? Who was the first person through Ellis Island?

Find out just ‘Who?’ these people are plus many more!

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