What’s Another Year? Ireland’s First Five Decades At Eurovision.

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  • Combines extensive research, exclusive photographs and journalistic dexterity in a detailed account of all kinds of everything Eurovision.' —The Sunday Independent

Meet The Author

What’s Another Year? Ireland’s First Five Decades At Eurovision, written by Mick Lynch, is the ultimate guide to Europe’s favourite song contest. Brimming with exclusive new interviews, stunning photography and the heart and soul of half a decade of performers, What’s Another Year? is a fascinating retrospective of Ireland’s love affair with The Eurovision.
Beginning at the roots, with the 1965 National Song contest, when the dulcet tones of Dickie Rock and Brendan Bowyer won the hearts of the nation, to the present day, and evolving image of Irish entries. Mick Lynch asks the people who have lived it first hand, gathering the stories and memories which tie the Eurovision into the fabric of our musical history.
Featuring stories from behind the scenes, with the people responsible for the final productions -the directors, producers, songwriters and all those who took part in some of the most captivating performances on the stages of Europe. Ireland has won The Eurovision more times than any other country. What does it take to win?

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