The File Note

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  • “With a mix of avarice, jealousy, familial infighting and even a little romance, this novel will appeal to those of us who enjoy a clever, insightful and well-crafted tale.” ––Sophie Saunders, Reading Between The Wines Book Club
  • “A brilliant thriller with an absorbing plot and beautifully crafted characters. I couldn’t put it down, as the storyline kept me intrigued right to the denouement.” ––Grellan O’Kelly
  • “An impressive and charming murder mystery which entertains and keeps the reader on edge throughout by combining clever plot twists with witty observations. Its humour and characters, who inhabit delightful corners of Dublin and small-town Ireland, hark back to a gentler time. I enjoyed every word and can’t wait to read about the many more adventures that I am sure are in store for Hadfield, a country solicitor who lives life at his own pace and is the understated hero of The File Note.” ––Rachel Fehily
  • “This is a charming debut within the classic crime genre, and in the characters of Hadfield, Hilary and FitzHerbert, Foley has created a likeable trio who have the potential for many more crime-solving escapades.” ––Edel Coffey, Sunday Times
  • “Quick, witty, good fun – an excellent debut novel. This page-turner will keep you reading late into the night, and looking forward to its successor.” ––Victoria Browne

Meet The Author

David Foley was born in Dublin, where he still lives with his wife and two children, and he has worked there as a solicitor for nearly thirty years. He always had the desire to write murder mysteries but making the time to do so proved a perennial problem. Fortunately, the passing of the years has brought with it an easing of commitments and given David the opportunity to pursue his literary interests. This is his first novel.

James Hadfield is a middle-aged solicitor with Timmons & Associates in the sleepy village of Kilcreddin. The death of Lord Barrington, his firm’s most important client, is immediately viewed with suspicion in the locality, and a high-profile murder inquiry is soon under way.

As more deaths follow, a handwritten note found by Hadfield throws him into the middle of the investigation, along with Hilary, the office manager, Mick, the law clerk, and Lucinda, the new apprentice. Hadfield’s friend FitzHerbert, a Senior Counsel specialising in criminal law, quickly finds himself involved as they try to piece together what happened.

All the beneficiaries of the Barrington will are suspects, while none have an alibi, and it seems Hadfield may even be in the frame. Love is also in the air, but where exactly that might lead is not entirely clear. Will Hadfield solve the mystery – and help apprehend the guilty party – before he, she or they can strike again? With more twists and turns than an old country road, The File Note is a classic page-turner that offers intrigue and romance in equal measure.

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