The Things I’ve Seen

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  • "In this wonderful compilation of dispatches . . . Lara Marlowe creates a lustrous mosaic of the human condition. A terrific reporter and limpid writer, Marlowe breathes welcome life into the stories behind the headlines of many of the most momentous world events in the past thirty years." ––Joelle Attinger, Former Chief of Correspondents, TIME Magazine
  • "[Marlowe's writing] is breathtaking when she examines the chaos and outrage of war, volleying snippets of imagery that have amazing power. . . . Marlowe has a strong ability to get to the story, and for that reason alone her book is worth a read." --Publisher's Weekly
  • "Lara Marlowe's graceful dispatches from the world's conflict zones to Paris are a heady mélange of adventure and compassion. I am reminded of Martha Gellhorn but find Marlowe better company, especially envying her American-girl-in-Paris élan. In an era when we wonder about women in war zones, follow Lara Marlowe, because her empathy, combined with her grit, takes us into interior realms you will never otherwise see. It is her gift to us, her passport, and thus ours." --Jacki Lyden, NPR News, Contributing Host & Correspondent
  • "Marvellous . . . What an interesting life she has led! What interesting people she has known! I never understand why a journalist of this caliber is better known outside of the United States while our own media is flooded with journalists who have nothing particularly noteworthy to say." ––US reader
  • "Striking . . . The Things I've Seen provides a ground-level tour of the last two decades of international conflict, much of it in the Middle East. A compelling book, it lets in the occasional ray of light, but it is chiefly attractive for its honesty. Its personal touch also marks it out from the mainstream, especially the armchair variety. Filled with moving stories, it will change your perceptions of that remote thing that is the international news." –-Reader 451, US
  • "A great read. An excellent set of articles." ––John Healy, UK
  • "A must-read for understanding world conflict beyond the statistics. A fantastic collection of articles. Marlowe is an exceptional writer." ––Philip Neville, UK
  • "Lara Marlowe is one of the most thoughtful and insightful journalists ever to have geared up in a flak jacket and combat helmet. At the peak of a long and distinguished career as a foreign correspondent, she offers up The Things I've Seen, a vivid and eloquent look back at the many conflicts and countries she's covered. She gives meaning and illumination to the people and history of our time." ––Richard Bonin, Producer, CBS News' 60 Minutes
  • "Once in a while one encounters a journalist so refreshing, so interesting and whose writing is so readable that the reader wants more. Lara Marlowe is such a journalist. She is worth reading – and for the privileged few, worth knowing." ––Cal Thomas, Syndicated and USA Today columnist/Fox News Contributor

Meet The Author

Lara Marlowe was born in California and studied French at UCLA and the Sorbonne, then International Relations at Oxford. She started her career as an associate producer with CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ programme, then moved to print media with the Financial Times and TIME Magazine. She has reported for a host of broadcast and print media, and in recent years has been a staff foreign correspondent for the Irish Times. Her journalism has received three awards, and her first book The Things I’ve Seen, also published by Liberties Press, received high praise. For her contribution to Franco-Irish relations, Lara was made a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, one of the highest honours the French government can bestow. She spends her holidays in Paris and Dublin.

New and selected pieces by the renowned international journalist and foreign correspondent Lara Marlowe, including stories from the Middle East, the Balkans, France (where she lived for a total of seventeen years), and also from the US, where she is currently the Washington Correspondent for the Irish Times.
The Things I’ve Seen is the first book to feature the award-winning work of journalist and foreign correspondent Lara Marlowe. From her beginnings as a reporter for the Financial Times, to her work for Time magazine and her most recent assignments with the Irish Times in Paris and Washington, this selection of Lara’s best reporting is full of the insight and reflection we have come to expect from the veteran reporter.
Featuring a lengthy introduction on the nature of the correspondent’s work and charting her own career, this debut publication includes coverage of wars in Lebanon, former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine and Iraq.
Lara has covered every major conflict of the past three decades. She lived for eight years in Beirut, where she reported for the Financial Times and Time. Irish readers are most familiar with the thirteen years she spent as the Paris-based correspondent for the Irish Times.
The Things I’ve Seen features some of her best writing from that posting, including a lively portrait of Carla Bruni, whom she met in the singer and first lady’s private Paris residence. The book covers the Obama administration’s first 18 months, the earthquake in Haiti and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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