The Hard Times Cookbook: Good Food on a Budget

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Meet The Author

Éamonn Ó Catháin, the former proprietor of the trendsetting Dublin bistro Shay Beano, is a renowned chef turned broadcaster and writer, who can be found regularly parading his encyclopedic knowledge of food (and music) on TV, radio and in newspapers and magazines. A fluent Irish and French speaker, he is a regular on RTÉ’s The Afternoon Show and the linchpin of TG4’s food-based programming. He lives in Belfast between culinary expeditions at home and abroad.

The Hard Times Cookbook: Good Food on a Budget is Éamonn Ó Catháin’s follow-up book to his bestselling book Around Ireland With a Pan: Food, Tales, and Recipes. As with Around Ireland with a Pan, this book is so much more than just recipes, but has real tips on entertaining on a budget – particularly important given the prevailing economic climate.
The Hard Times Cookbook is a must-have for food-lovers and anyone who cooks at home — generous in content, but lean where it matters — in your pocket. With the Celtic Tiger a distant memory, people are quickly getting back to basics — particularly when it comes to food. They are growing their own fruit and vegetables, learning to live more frugally and, in particular, rediscovering the lost art of home cooking.
In this exciting and accessible cookbook, renowned chef and former restaurateur Éamonn Ó Catháin offers advice to all those looking to cook on a budget without skimping on taste or quality. He takes the reader on a tour of the world’s cuisines, with straightforward recipes or classic French, Spanish, North African – and, of course, Irish dishes.
Through it all runs the theme that we can eat better for less by buying local, seasonal produce, cooking it simply, and adapting classic European and North African dishes to local tastes and ingredients. This indispensable guide, which contains more than a hundred recipes, will help you reconnect with food in these changed times – and save money in the process.

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