The Gathering of Souls

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  • “[an] accomplished debut. . . . an involving, pacy whodunnit with enough disreputable characters to keep you guessing. O’Carroll is particularly adept at creating sorrowful backgrounds for his suspects and his shifts between narrative voices work exceptionally well. . . . a gritty, troubling thriller that grips to the final, blood-splattered page.” ––Daragh Reddin, Metro
  • “A truly gripping novel which keeps you in suspense.” --Tom Hamilton, Amazon Reviews

Meet The Author

Gerry O’Carroll was one of Ireland’s leading serious crime detectives. Born in the west of Ireland, Gerry trained in Dublin and was central to the investigation of over 80 murders. He was the first Irish detective to carry a firearm and has appeared at the top of IRA and gangland murder lists.

He personally arrested Ireland’s longest-serving prisoners, the serial killers John Shaw and Geoffrey Evans, and was involved in the pursuit of John Gilligan, responsible for the murder of Veronica Guerin. Gerry was first on the scene when the IRA murdered notorious gangster Martin Cahill aka ‘The General’. Gerry was played by Jon Voight in John Boorman’s 1998 movie The General.

This gripping crime fiction debut by one of Ireland’s former leading crime detectives, Gerry O’Carroll, follows detectives Moss Quinn and Joe Doyle in a race against time to find Quinn’s abducted wife.

A year to the day after the death of their son, Moss Quinn’s wife Eva Marie has been abducted. He is Dublin’s star detective; investigating the disappearance of five women and the murder of another the year before. Moss’s number-one suspect walks free from the subsequent trial amidst allegations of police brutality meted out by Quinn’s partner, Joe Doyle — an old-school cop.

Quinn’s world is in turmoil, his marriage is a mess, his reputation after the trial is in tatters – and now his wife has been abducted. Somewhere out there, she is lying bound, gagged and left to die of thirst. Within 72 hours she will be in a coma or dead. A voice on the phone tells Quinn the clock is ticking and the clues to his wife’s whereabouts are in his past.

Building to a heart-stopping finale, with a cast of credible and colourful characters from the criminal underworld and police ranks alike, The Gathering of Souls is an authentic, dark tale of obsession, revenge and redemption.

A touch Denis Lehane meets Joseph Wambaugh, this suspenseful, contemporary Irish thriller looks set to join John Connolly and Alex Barclay’s book as an international bestseller.

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