The Garfield Conspiracy

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  • "A brilliant novel. One of my fiction books of the year." ––JOHN FISH, reviewer for WORD GETS AROUND magazine
  • "genre-bending . . . a most unusual and excellent yarn . . . [with a] killer ending" ––ANNE CUNNINGHAM, The Anglo-Celt
  • "The Garfield Conspiracy is an interesting blend of many disparate genres. It is a family drama, a historical drama, a psychological study into character and motivation. . . . If the writing in The Garfield Conspiracy is anything to go by, [Owen Dwyer] is a writer of depth, with an interesting and unusual way of looking at the world, and perhaps The Garfield Conspiracy will be the novel that attracts more readers his way." ––BEN MCNAIR, NB Magazine
  • "An engaging medley of historical and literary fiction, this original story is a satisfying read. . . . The author explores contemporary issues in a thought-provoking way. The story’s historical aspect is refreshing and well researched. The appearance of the salient characters in the story brings it to vibrant life. The twist is unexpected and completes this unique story perfectly." ––JANEHUNTAUTHOR
  • "A refreshing and interesting read! . . . A really cleverly crafted novel, mixing historical facts [with] fictional writing. [The Garfield Conspiracy is] informative without drowning the reader into too much boring data; [there is] just the right amount of investigation versus personal internal struggles." ––A G-J BOOKS & GEMS
  • "Superbly written, and by turns intriguing, sinister and funny, with shades of Hangover Square." ––ALEC MARSH, author of the Drabble & Harris historical crime thriller series
  • "All historical novelists wish to bring their research to life – but not quite in the way middle-aged author Richard Todd envisaged in this intriguing morality tale." ––WILLIAM SHAW, author of the DI Alex Cupidi series
  • "A fantastic book . . . Engaging, gripping from start to finish. You will not be regret parting with your pennies, dimes, dinars or dirhams." ––PATRICK O'SHAUNESSY, History Chappy
  • "Irish fiction as we've rarely seen it" ––DARRAGH MCMANUS, Irish Independent, on Number Games
  • "A well-written anatomy of an affair and midlife crisis that brings to life all the key players. Entertainment abounds on the treacherous journey. . . . supporting characters come with a hefty serving of bathos, bite and very funny touches of world-weariness. . . . A nicely out-of-step novel . . . it manages to be wise, wry and spirited." ––LIAM HEYLIN, Irish Examiner
  • "a charming work of fiction that holds the reader's interest throughout" ––Justus Doenecke, Professor Emeritus at New College of Florida

Meet The Author

Owen Dwyer’s latest novel, The Garfield Conspiracy, will be published on 7 September. His previous novel, Number Games, was described by the Irish Independent as “Irish fiction as we’ve rarely seen it”. Among other awards, Owen has won the Hennessy Emerging Fiction Prize, the Silver Quill (twice) and the Biscuit Fiction Prize, and has had stories published in Whispers and Shouts magazine. He is also the author of The Agitator and The Cherrypicker. Owen has a degreee in European Humanities. He lives in Dublin with his wife and their three children.


Richard Todd, an award-winning writer, is outwardly successful but inwardly plagued by uncertainties. Worst of all, he can’t seem to write any more. When a bright young editor, Jenny Lambe, arrives on his doorstep to work with him on his latest book, about the assassination of US president James Garfield, his life is sent spinning off in a new direction.

President Garfield was killed by Charles Guiteau, who was tried and hanged for the murder. But was he acting along, or was there a more sinister force at work? Richard hears Guiteau’s voice in his head, and as his relationship with Jenny deepens, he is visited by other characters in the drama. Are they helping Richard solve the mystery surrounding Garfield’s murder – or pushing him further towards the edge?

A remarkable, disturbing portrait of a middle-aged man torn between his carefully constructed life and new adventures which may beckon, in the present and the past, from one of Ireland’s most exciting emerging authors.


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