Step On, Step Up

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Meet The Author

Donna Kennedy was born in Co. Mayo, Ireland. Mother to baby Ashton, she is a qualified psychologist and professional motivational speaker. She regularly features in national and international media as an expert in the areas of life enhancement and business development. She has given talks and seminars to thousands of people and companies worldwide and her work has been recognised and cited in international journals by leading organisations.

Step On, Step Up is a timely publication of practical advice based on Donna Kennedy’s own experience on how to purchase, and make money from, property – even in this current economic climate. While the news hammers home visions of apocalyptic recession, a massive downturn, and plummeting property prices, this guide is a welcome relief to all the doom and gloom.

Assuring the reader that money can be made, especially considering the current market and not despite it, Donna Kennedy outlines how to avail of the real opportunities in property market particularly for first time homebuyers. With the right information, the right strategies and the right attitude, first-time buyers can not only get on the property ladder even in a challenging market, but then make money from it.

Step On, Step Up not only provides excellent advice in a conversational tone but provides comprehensive checklists for viewing properties and organising finances amongst others. Also including a sample mortgage proposal form, this book is a vital aid to all those first-time buyers who can find the whole process of purchasing confusing, let alone daunting, whilst also appealing to people who are shrewd enough to see that prudent property choices still make sound financial sense for the patient investor.

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