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  • "A lean, nasty, tripped-out shocker ... a cracking book, a jolt to the senses like a line of flaming shots." —Irish Independent
  • "If Carlsberg did The Hunger Games ... Mad as a bag of spiders but brilliant." —Colin Bateman
  • "Sinker is a provocative, thought provoking novel with moments of laugh-out-loud humor and casual profundity throughout." —atriptoireland.com
  • "Sinker is an absurdist romp through the carnival world of professional drinking... packed to bursting with expletives, bodily fluids, and noir-esque one-liners." —Totally Dublin
  • "Johnson's humor, though blacker than a well settled Guinness, is laugh out loud funny." —The Irish News

Meet The Author

Jason Johnson’s three novels focus on people facing extreme situations over short periods of time. Death, humour, lust and alcohol have so far featured prominently. Woundlicker (2005), a serial killer’s confession, is set in Northern Ireland. Alina (2006), the hunt for a vanished sex worker, is set in Romania. Sinker (2014), where drinking alcohol is a professional sport, is set in Majorca. His fourth novel, about an unarmed hitman for the Irish government, will be published by Liberties Press in spring 2015. Jason is from Enniskillen and lives in Belfast.

“This game is no indulgence – it’s endurance.”

Baker Forley wants romance, respect, a career . . . but his only talent is sinking whiskey. Luckily the world’s most reviled sport – professional drinking – badly needs new blood. When Baker’s washed-up coach, Ratface, swings him an invite to the notorious ‘Bullfight’ boozing competition in Mallorca, he can feel the big time coming.

But, mid-play, his eye wanders to a mysterious Arabian beauty – and he gets decked by a bodyguard. Game over. That is, until Baker and Ratface are lured to hear an apology and an offer they can’t refuse: “Teach a billionaire Sheikh to drink like a pro at his strange mansion and he’ll make you rich.” Later, as illicit passion flares at the Gaudí-designed labyrinth, Forley discovers the disturbing truth about why he’s there – but is he too far gone to escape?

An absorbing, irreverent and blackly-comic tale from a unique talent, this story is unlike anything you’ve read in years.

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