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Meet The Author

“This game is no indulgence – it’s endurance.”

Baker Forley wants romance, respect, a career . . . but his only talent is sinking whiskey. Luckily the world’s most reviled sport – professional drinking – badly needs new blood. When Baker’s washed-up coach, Ratface, swings him an invite to the notorious ‘Bullfight’ boozing competition in Mallorca, he can feel the big time coming.

But, mid-play, his eye wanders to a mysterious Arabian beauty – and he gets decked by a bodyguard. Game over. That is, until Baker and Ratface are lured to hear an apology and an offer they can’t refuse: “Teach a billionaire Sheikh to drink like a pro at his strange mansion and he’ll make you rich.” Later, as illicit passion flares at the Gaudí-designed labyrinth, Forley discovers the disturbing truth about why he’s there – but is he too far gone to escape?

An absorbing, irreverent and blackly-comic tale from a unique talent, this story is unlike anything you’ve read in years.

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