Shiprocked: Life on the Waves with Radio Caroline

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  • “The quintessential story of life on board Radio Caroline . . . It cuts quickly to the core of what the magic of Caroline really was.'“ —Gareth O'Callaghan, 4FM
  • “[Shiprocked] gives a crow’s-nest view of the challenges of keeping a pirate radio station afloat...It’s a brave soul who’ll risk life and limb to bring pop music to the people, so Conway is to be commended for taking the plunge.” —Irish Independent
  • “Steve Conway's book is a must-read.” —Noel Welch, Evening Echo
  • “Written . . . with all the geeky zeal of a real radio anorak, it's hard to resist Conway's anecdotes about life on board . . . and the ongoing struggles to keep Caroline on air and afloat in the face of much static from killjoy authorities. This is a refreshing tale of an age when pop radio wasn't corporate, playlisted, and unfeeling.” —Alan Corr, RTÉ Guide
  • “A truly excellent book . . . The book is a cracking read for any radio fan but is also a major contribution to the histoy of offshore radio.” —Communication Magazine

Meet The Author

Dublin-born Steve Conway started his radio career on a small rock-music pirate in south London before moving to Radio Caroline, where he rose to the positions of head of news and programme controller. In 1999, he helped relaunch Caroline on satellite, before returning to Dublin, where he worked for Phantom 105.2 for eleven years. These days, Conway can be found on another independent station emanating from Dublin, 8Radio.com, which is available worldwide online.

Radio Caroline was the iconic pirate radio station. It invigorated a generation, capturing the imaginations of millions of people across Britain and Ireland when it started broadcasting music twenty-four hours a day from the North Sea in 1964.

In 1985, twenty-one-year-old IT executive Steve Conway left his job in England and moved to the ship the Ross Revenge to work as a newsreader for Radio Caroline. Shiprocked is the story of his adventures on board, as a member of a dedicated crew struggling to keep the radio station – and the ship – afloat in hazardous conditions, amid the stress of operating on a shoestring budget, with ever-present government harassment.

Hurricane-force winds and towering waves propelled the sad demise of the Ross Revenge’s outlaw days in 1991, smashing it onto the UK’s notorious Goodwin Sands in a dramatic storm that almost drowned Conway and his companions.

This new edition of Shiprocked, marking Radio Caroline’s fiftieth anniversary, includes a new introduction and a fresh epilogue on the revolutionary era of pirate radio.

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