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  • "Literary gold - especially for a first novel. The author, Mark Hayes, is a mad man and this book made me laugh so much. He's a funny Irish guy who taught this American girl what the American dream means. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in living the "LA lifestyle" vicariously through an insightful Irish guy. I felt like I was there with him -- or even in his head -- as he described his interesting, bizarre, and sometimes wild experiences while acclimating to life in LA.Mark's writing voice is unique and fun. Beware though: you may start calling people apes, start wuu'ing, or saying other odd words like "tut" unexpectedly after reading. As Mark would say, 'Read on!'" --Nicole Withrow, Goodreads
  • "It's been a while since I've read a comedic book of this nature. Biographic and candid, Hayes is a very talented and funny writer that will have you laughing out loud and wanting to see him live at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood." --Amazon Reviews

Meet The Author

From living with models to playing football with rock stars, Mark Hayes has lived the life in LA, and has an assortment of scars to prove it. The loveable rogue maintains a blog at trickaduu.com where his adventures continue.

A booze and sun soaked year in the life of a charmer/chancer Mark Hayes from Cork who, hoping to break into the acting and writing world, moves to the bright lights of LA and finds himself mixing with celebrities, models, actors and musicians.

We all talk about it. Changing our lives. What we’re going to do. Want to do. Will do. Wish we’d done. Until. Game over. Flat line. Maybe next time.

RanDumb tells the story of an Irish Mark who one day decided to make the change. Packed in the regular way of life. Took a shot. Gave it a shot. Leaving the green fields of Ireland. Going to Hollywood. Chasing the dream. Chasing his tail. RanDumb takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through the real world of life in LA. Random. Dumb. Madness. Fun. Heaven. Hell. Models. Actors. Actresses. Parties. Porn. Orgies. Nazis. Nutters. Producers. Directors. Singers. Hippies. Buckets. Leprechauns. Cardigans. Cougars. Gay gyms. DJing. Dancing. Prancing. Drink. Drugs. Freaks. Fakes. Friends. Stand up. Knocked down. Dressed up. Stripped down. Troughs. Hills. Gutters. Stars. Highest of the high life. Lowest of the lows. Trying to make it.

With forewords by Robbie Williams, the US Office’s Craig Robinson and America’s Next Top Model winner Caridee English, this is one shot for the big time you won’t soon forget. The message rings out from every page: give it a go. Live life. Go with the flow. But maybe think twice about scat-singing, leprechaun-obsessed hippies.

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