Plough Music: Sketches, Secrets and Stories

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Meet The Author

Writer, journalist and broadcaster David Medcalf has worked for more than thirty years on national and regional newspapers in both urban and rural Ireland. He has worked as a news reporter on the Irish Independent and the Evening Herald and is now a journalist with the Wexford People group of newspapers, covering south-east Ireland. He also contributes to sports programmes on RTE radio. His weekly columns in the Wexford People newspapers, which give his unique insights into the way of life of farm families and rural people, have brought him national acclaim and have won him the prestigious Guild of Agricultural Journalists award.

Plough Music includes songs and poems, drawings and anecdotes David Medcalf has gathered from people involved with ploughing. This book relates the ancient act of ploughing to the modern world in often humorous ways, ensuring this nostalgic book will appeal to everybody, and not just those with an active interest in ploughing. The art and science of ploughing has helped put food on the tables of millions of people in Ireland and across the world for thousands of years.

The fascinating world of ploughing has it all: amazing people, beautiful horses, mesmerising machinery, and stars such as Harry Ferguson from County Down and his enemy (and later friend) Henry Ford. Plough Music covers the whole gamut of ploughing, from the hills of Ballycullane to the banks of the Brahmatputra, and from the near-miraculous role played by the humble earthworm in aerating the soil, attempting to create plough-free farming.

Why do 150,000 people attend the national ploughing championships each year? Why do hundreds of old-boy racers regularly take their vintage tractors out on the roads? And why do multimillionaires forsake their yachts and foreign holidays to take to the plough? Now, for the first time, writer and journalist David Medcalf, a lifetime observer of rural families and their way of life, sheds light on these and other burning questions. His miscellany of musings will fascinate, educate, intrigue and illuminate both the dedicated ploughman (or woman) and the armchair follower of this ancient art. It is a feast for both the mind and the soul; it is music for tired souls, inextricably entwined with our national

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