Own Our Oil

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  • "A really important book that even the most seasoned observer of Irish corruption, incompetence and subservience will have something to learn from." --Seamus Enright, Goodreads

Meet The Author

Eddie Hobbs is the author of four bestsellers including Energise, a book on how to invest in an age of high inflation and he writes regularly for national newspapers on matters related to economic management, natural resources and person finance. He has acted as managing editor for the contributors to Own Our Oil: The Fight for Irish Economic Freedom. The team includes a Geologist, an Environmental Consultant, an Accountant, a Quantitive Finance expert, a Historian, an Irish Oil Industry Expert, a Norwegian Petroleum Expert, Finance Market Research, Senior Counsels, with unique additional input from secondary level students in Ireland.

Own Our Oil: The Fight for Irish Economic Freedom is an anthology of essays that packs a punch. The team of multidisciplinary writers led by Eddie Hobbs describe how Ireland’s leaders have, over several decades, built a system that has been excessively generous to the oil and gas industry abroad. To remedy this, Hobbs and his team propose a new approach to regulate and tax this lucrative industry, so that Ireland can benefit from Irish resources.

Seeking to emulate the Norwegian model of resource management, the book shows how we, as Irish citizens, can become empowered and regain control of our natural resources, demand a fair share of the profits and wisely allocate our gains. Own Our Oil: The Fight for Economic Freedom offers readers information on the latest developments in the international oil and gas arena and the potential economic upside of Ireland changing course and ‘getting it right’. This book is armed with a strong message,

When the herd stands together, the lion lies down hungry! Buy this book, sign it, pass it on!

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