On the Survival of Humanity

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  • “one of the most interesting and remarkable men I have ever met” —Irish Independent
  • “a wise and original thinker” —Books Ireland
  • “heartfelt” —Irish Times
  • “always shakes up conventional wisdom” —Senator Marie-Louise O’Donnell

Meet The Author

Professor Risteárd Mulcahy was head of the cardiology department and the heart disease research unit at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin. He was president of the Irish Medical Association, and one of the founders of the Irish Heart Association. Risteárd devoted much of his professional life researching the causes of coronary heart disease and was active in the prevention of heart disease through healthy eating, regular aerobic exercise and the control of cigarette smoking. He had a long-term interest in the health service in Ireland. Risteárd practised what he preached: he ran his first marathon at the age of sixty-one.

In the tenth decade of his life, Risteard Mulcahy wrote his twelfth and final book. The visionary former cardiologist put into words a lifetime of environmental activism and reflection on our relationship with the natural world. With dedication and thorough research, the author pulls the reader into a believable dystopia, where resources are scarce and the limitations of our planet have been pushed beyond repair. In sometimes poetic language, he argues that if we continue the way we are going, there is little hope left for the future of the earth. Risteard’s view of the future is bleak, but his outlining of his ideas for change are what makes this an ultimately hopeful book. On the Survival of Humanity is full of wisdom and grace – and a lifetime of observation and love for our home planet.

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