Love on the Road 2015

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  • “Jane Austen once write, "there are as many forms of love as there are moments in time." If any collection encapsulates this feeling it is Love on the Road 2015. . . . The beauty of this collection is that love is shown to be manifested in all its guises.” ––Incubator
  • “Every story offers a different perspective, with a resolution to match. The editors did an excellent job.” ––WhisperingGums.com
  • “Oh, how sweet! A collection of short stories on the theme of love and travel: bound to be heartwarming stuff, eh? Not in the hands of this international line-up. Stanley Kenani's We Will Dance in Lampedusa is about an African immigrant who nearly drowns with his fiancee as they try to cross the Mediterranean. I read his story even as the media reported that hundreds of refugees attempting the same journey had died. So much about this story is heartbreaking. The naivety of the narrator, his confidence that he will be welcome in Europe, the money paid to ruthless traffickers. Also powerful is The Manila Envelope by Tendayi Bloom. I read with growing dread as a gullible Filipina delivers herself over to men who intend to exploit her abroad. My favourite was The Queue, by Tendai Huchu, in which a Zimbabwean waits fruitlessly outside a post office but meets an upbeat woman who gives him new heart.” ––Irish Times

Meet The Author

Lane Ashfeldt’s short fiction has been published by TheGuardian.co.uk, Southword Journal, The London Magazine, Identity Theory and Aesthetica, among other places. Stories by Ashfeldt have won the Fish Short Histories Prize and Global Short Story Prize, and been shortlisted for the Jane Austen and HG Wells short story prizes. She can be found on Twitter at @ashfeldt.

Love on the Road 2015 : Twelve More Tales of Love and Travel, edited by Sam Tranum and Lois Kapila is an anthology of twelve stories of love and travel – some sweet and touching, some bleak and disturbing. They offer the reader a meet-cute on the streets of Zimbabwe, a classic American road trip replayed with an elderly Jewish patient and his black orderly and an encounter between a withdrawn war veteran and his beautiful neighbour in Iran.

They follow a couple from Malawi who endure an odyssey in search of a better future in Europe, a woman in New Zealand who has to make a choice when her husband decides to become a woman, and many others. These stories are about the power of love to heal us, give us courage and make us want to be better people. They are also about its power to harm us, deluding us into submitting to control, deception and abuse.

This collection includes stories by writers from Australia, Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Zimbabwe. The authors have won or been nominated for prizes and awards including the Caine Prize for African Writing, the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, the Pushcart Prize and Kenya’s National Book Week Literary Award.

Stories by Tendai Huchu, Marlene Olin, Shirley Fergenson, Nod Ghosh, Catherine McNamara, Stanley Kenani, Barry Reddin, Tendayi Bloom, Lily Mabura, Jackie Davis Martin, Alice Bingner and Gregory Wolos. Edited by Sam Tranum, an American journalist, author and editor, and Lois Kapila, a British journalist and translator. Between them, they have covered the energy business, government, politics, and human rights issues around the world. They met in the spring of 2009 and managed to overcome cultural differences fast enough to marry five months later. They lived in Kyrgyzstan, the USA and India before moving to Dublin. They started the Love on the Road competition from their kitchen in Kolkata (Calcutta) in 2012 because they needed a change from the often bleak subjects they regularly wrote about as journalists.

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