Lakeshore Loops: Exploring Ireland’s Lakes

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  • "There is no other book - to my knowledge - that comprehensively covers lakes both north and south and in between. Cycling in Ireland (particularly in The West) can be a difficult business, hard on the muscles. But lakes tend to be on fairly flat terrain, and make ideal and picturesque places around which to travel. John Dunne has laboured lovingly to explain the geography clearly, but has also taken time and effort to explore the history. . . . an essential book for anyone who loves Ireland." --M. C. Wherly, Amazon Reviews

Meet The Author

John Dunne resigned from his career in business in 2002 to pursue other ambitions, including writing, travelling and cycling. His curiosity and desire for self-preservation increasingly have driven him to off-road explorations.
His first book, Towpath Tours, followed the canals and inland waterways and since then he has done extensive research on Ireland’s lakes, recognizing their huge natural beauty, indigenous wildlife and the numerous places of interest that neighbour or overlook them. John is well accustomed to dealing with the media and has built up a large number of contacts in outdoor organisations and publications.

John Dunne’s easy-to-read narrative educates and informs users about the lakes of Ireland, and promotes a healthy and fun approach to holidaying at home! Ireland’s coastline, waterways and historical monuments have been widely documented in previous publications, but Ireland’s lakes have never been given their due attention, as either historical sites or tourist attractions.
Lakeshore Loops by John Dunne is the first guide to these natural jewels and offers the reader the opportunity to tour them by bicycle, like the author did, by car, by boat, or by foot. Full of anecdotes and local lore, the author includes the many nearby points of interest, the origins of some of the more unusual place-names and the legends of lake monsters and banshees.
There are maps of each lake with the points of interest and nearby attractions clearly marked. In Lakeshore Loops, nature and culture go hand in hand with the green hills and glistening waters of the Irish countryside. So arise and go now! And for only €14.99, with no hidden baggage charges, you won’t get a cheaper or better holiday than that!

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