Grange Abbey

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Meet The Author

An epic tale of love, power – and revenge.
Grange Abbey is the thrilling story of the Bannon family and their construction empire, built over three generations, beginning in the ashes of the Second World War, and rising through the tumult of the mid-eighties. This is a chronicle of a family’s ascent from its beginnings as a fledgling contracting company in the wake of London’s post-war property boom, to becoming one of the greatest construction dynasties in Europe.
From the driven leadership of its founder, James Bannon, to the flamboyant stewardship of the eldest son, Frank Bannon, its descent into receivership during the depression of the seventies, and its ultimate resurrection in the eighties under the guidance of the youngest son, Paul.
The Bannons are dangerous when wounded and pride themselves on their determination, bravery and loyalty to their friends. They stand by the courage of their convictions, whatever the consequences, and exact revenge on whoever has crossed them in life, business or love.
Taking a winner-takes-all approach to pulling the company out of the fire, Paul takes on London’s most feared and corrupt union, and an age-old family enemy. If he succeeds, his rewards are untold wealth, and Grange Abbey itself. With a feud at hand and an empire to salvage, Paul’s love affair with the ravishing Francesca Sinclair is thrown into the high stakes of a dynasty rising from the ashes.
Grange Abbey is sure to bring a legion of new fans to a distinctive new voice in Irish fiction.

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