Ireland in 2050: How We Will Be Living

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  • "This was a thought provoking read, and a fantastic critique of the short termism which is so apparent in Irish policy making. Written in 2009, already a number of the predictions in the book have occurred." --Alan, Goodreads
  • "Ireland 2050 takes a look at where trends are headed on Emerald Isle; outlines the choices the Irish public and private sectors will face, asking the question, "How do we want to live?" Just as pint of Guiness is not just for the Irish, this book is relevant for anyone interested in where society is headed, and the questions that must addressed." --Amazon Reviews

Meet The Author

Stephen is currently Lecturer in Economics at the Kemmy Business School of the University of Limerick, having previously taught at NUI, Galway and the New School for Social Research in New York. Stephen’s academic research focuses on mathematical and experimental economics.
Stephen is a frequent media commentator on the Irish economy, and international economic issues relating to Ireland and the European Union. Stephen’s popular articles have appeared in the Irish Times, the Sunday Times, the New York Times, the Sunday Independent, and the Irish Independent. He is regularly interviewed by NPR, BBC Radio, RTE Radio 1, Newstalk, Today FM, Live 95 FM, and others. He has appeared on Primetime and in the George Lee documentary, How We Blew the Boom and maintains a popular blog at www.stephenkinsella.net.

We all have a stake in Ireland’s future. Most of us will probably see the year 2050 — but we don t necessarily act as though we will. As a country, we face serious threats from economic uncertainty, climate change, inequality, energy security and an ageing population — and, contrary to belief, technology won’t solve all our problems.
Marriage, work, leisure, travel, climate, housing, inequality, and government are amongst the many areas investigated by economist Stephen Kinsella, as he discusses, through the fictional Murphy family, how we will go about daily life in 2050.
Ireland in 2050 asks some truly vital questions and delivers a fascinating and jargon-free account of the kind of Ireland we might like to have in 2050 — and the one we might end up with, if we make the wrong choices now.

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