Inheritance & Succession: The Complete Irish Guide

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Meet The Author

Inheritance and Succession by John G Murphy and Jason Dunne is a practical, easy to read and categorised guide to the often misunderstood and ill-planned area of inheritance, succession and wealth distribution.

This book will help readers to plan easy succession into senior times, manage their wealth and leave the best possible inheritance or legacy for their family. The authors have put together years of research and experience as solicitors to offer insights, warnings and time, money and worry saving guide notes we can all benefit from.

Inheritance and Succession looks at the main areas of creating a life plan, investment, wealth management, how to plan succession for business, farming or as an individual so that senior times are easier, how to make a will that leaves minimum tax burdens and most benefits, how to create an enduring power of attorney, how to use a trust to provide for disabled children or dependants, how to plan your funeral, how to distribute your estate as the law requires and how to break the worry logjam that besets the half of us who are thinking about our future.

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