How He Wins

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  • “Violence remains preventable, not inevitable.”
  • “Hennessy's book Steps to Freedom . . . details how a woman can wrest herself out from under the control of an emotionally abusive partner.” —Irish Independent
  • “This book is a massive breakthrough on controlling relationships. Anyone working with women and families should have a copy.” —Melanie Dunne
  • “Hennessy is probably the best expert on domestic abuse in the world.” —Barbara Roberts, author of Not Under Bondage

Meet The Author

Don Hennessy is the Director of the National Domestic Violence Intervention Agency and the author of the best-selling How He Gets Into Her Head. He is a relationship counsellor who has worked for many years with women who are experiencing difficulties with abusive or controlling partners. Don has been interviewed in the Irish Independent, Irish Examiner and Irish Times, and is a regular contributor on the subject of intimate control in the broadcast media in Ireland and internationally. Steps to Freedom has been featured in the Irish Independent, Sunday World and RSVP magazine, and on the Sean Moncrieff Show and the Ray D’Arcy Show.

So says Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, the WHO Regional Director for Europe. Dr Kluge has called for more action to be taken in every country that has seen a surge in domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic. If steps are not taken, the world could see 31 million cases of gender-based violence, he warned. This stark warning is an indictment of our failure, in Europe and elsewhere, to reduce the level of male intimate abuse, in spite of the extraordinary energy and dedication of thousands of practitioners and academics.

In this challenging book, Don Hennessy examines our practices and procedures, our attitudes and our beliefs. He demonstrates how we have made few inroads in this area – either into the prevalence of male intimate abuse, or in relation to the tactics that support the ability of the male intimate abuser to establish and maintain his control.

It is vital that all agencies, both statutory and non-governmental, recognise that we need to change our position from one of support to one of protection. The protection that Hennessy promotes is not that of the physical refuge alone, but the mental safeguard which will allow each target woman to follow her own intuition.

How He Wins is essential reading for any woman who has been the target of such abuse and has found herself abandoned by the community.