Hello Love

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Nobody can tell Jacqueline what to do, least of all Auntie Mina. The little girl will only take orders from her mother, and Imelda has disappeared. It is up to Jacqueline to be steadfast and wait for Imelda to return, but Auntie Mina has come to help her brother Vance in the Avalon Hotel, taking Imelda’s place. To make matters worse, Vance decides he needs to marry again, to make sure his children have a mother. Against the odds, Jacqueline has to keep the love between her mother and herself alive.
Years later, Jacqueline believes she is happily married to Vaughan, but he leaves her for the younger Nuala. Did she truly love her husband or is real love waiting round the corner? As before, Jacqueline is afraid to move on. But Pat, her lodger has other ideas. A warm, captivating tale by a storyteller at the height of her powers.