Great Irish People

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  • "If you have any interest in the Irish as a race and what they have achieved both at home and throughout the world this is well worth buying. " --Paul Moran, Amazon Reviews
  • "As an Irish-American, the spectacular achievements of Irish born men and women in the history of America and indeed the four corners of the globe, never ceases to amaze me. The 18th and 19th century, is a period that particularly intrigues me, when having to leave Ireland in circumstances of extreme deprivation, these extraordinary people attained positions and status and achieved amazing things in their lives far surpassing their humble beginnings. Be it America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Russia or numerous other nations around the world, these Irish men and women left an indelible legacy. All are recalled with the deeds and exploits of numerous others from all walks of life in this interesting and captivating read" —Michael Flatley

Meet The Author

Seamus Moran is from Galway, but was educated in Dundalk and London where he studied architecture. With a successful career in the building industry throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and a further business portfolio from the 80s to the end of the millennium, Seamus moved to Spain and finally had the opportunity to complete his twenty-five year work on this dictionary of Irish biography. A keen sportsman, he played senior rugby with Bohemians RFC, Limerick. Seamus is a lifelong knowledgeable Irish historian.

From the Kilkenny architect who designed the White House, to the Clare inventor who built the first submarine, the thirty-two counties of Ireland have produced countless men and women who for hundreds of years have made a significant impact across the world. Great Irish People traces those memorable Irish figures from the Flight of the Earls in 1607 throughout the most dramatic four centuries in the country’s history, to the Good Friday Agreement and right up to the present day.

These periods saw the men and women of Ireland reach dizzying heights, not only on this island but worldwide: Antrim’s Chaim Herzog became President of Israel; Derry’s Charles Thomson designed the Great Seal of the United States; Derry’s Matthew Thornton was a signatory of the American Declaration of Independence; Waterford’s William Hobson was the first Governor of New Zealand and Carlow’s Patrick Francis Moran the Archbishop of Sydney.

Great Irish People is arranged on a county-by-county basis, allowing for an extensive look at this ‘reservoir’ of Irish men and women of merit and achievement. There are also specially commissioned hand drawn portraits of each ‘Great Irish Person’ in this special collection which celebrates the contributions made by the Irish at home and in virtually every corner of the globe; an immense, amazing, sometimes bizarre, extraordinary and varied collective.

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