Feeding Johnny

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  • “a must-read for all entrepreneurs or wannabe business owners” —Bobby Kerr, dragon from RTÉ’s Dragon’s Den
  • “well written and very entertaining” —Jim Clemmer, leadership author
  • “an inspiring story from an inspirational man” —John McNamanara, Evolve Life Coaching

Meet The Author

Colm O’Brien lives in Limerick with his wife Aideen and their three children. He runs Carambola Kidz, speaks to Start Your Own Business groups around the country regularly, and is on the boards of two children’s charities (CARI and Blue Box). He helped found a small theatre company, Payday Productions, and established the Ace Training Book Club, aimed at helping Start Your Own Business group participants develop a lifelong reading habit.

Feeding Johnny is the story of Colm O’Brien’s rise from teenaged kitchen porter, to manager of Bewley’s on Grafton Street, to owner of Carambola Kidz, which delivers school lunches to 100,000 children in Ireland every week.

O’Brien aims to help his readers learn from his highs and lows, in their quest to start their own businesses. Drawing on all of his experiences – good and bad, success and failure – O’ Brien gifts readers with his most valuable and honest business advice, delivered in a motivational, down to earth tone, peppered with positivity and with a message that anything is possible with hard work.

More than just an autobiography, Feeding Johnny is a story with a distinctive perspective. O’Brien’s self-criticism gives a level of insight unparalleled in other books of business advice. His stories go beyond the theoretical level of business advice and into the real, gritty, genuine lessons that only experience can provide. Though O’Brien has found success in Carambola Kidz, it was hard earned. Candid and frank, O’Brien’s stories give a glimpse of what failure feels like, but also of how rewarding and possible success in the wake of failure can be.

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