Eating for Ireland

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  • "Tom is a wonderful writer with a light touch. . . . This is a lovely, amusing collection of pieces on all aspects of food and drink. I heartily recommend it to everyone with an interest in the subject." ––Gay Byrne
  • “Doorley has penned a book that should make him a national treasure. . . This book will enlighten you and make you laugh out loud.” ––Irish Voice
  • “A delicious read. . . This book is a delightful trip down memory lane and a thorough rendering of how Ireland's palate has changed in the past century.” ––Irish America Magazine
  • “The author, a restaurant critic and food writer in Ireland writes of different foods and different dishes, of traditional and fast food, all in a light hearted style. Not many food writers include wild foods in the content. An easy read.” ––Lucy, Goodreads
  • “I really enjoyed this book. It was like a history of food in Ireland in the second half of the 20th century without being serious. Also loved Tom’s style of writing.” ––Sinead, Goodreads

Meet The Author

Tom Doorley is one of Ireland’s best-known restaurant critics and food writers. Once the PR man for Durex in Ireland, and a newsreader on pirate radio, he now writes a popular restaurant-review column for the Irish Mail on Sunday and is one of the judges on RTÉ’s long-running TV series The Restaurant. Tom presented Food Talk on RTÉ Radio 1 and has co-written cookbooks with two Michelin-starred chefs; he lives in rural Cork.

Eating for Ireland is a nostalgic exploration of iconic Irish (and international) food brands and food culture. Taking a look at how we eat and how we used to eat throughout the years, Eating for Ireland is a must-read, and an ideal Christmas present, for any food-lover and for anyone who has an interest in the food culture of Ireland.
Why is lemonade red? How do they get the figs in Jacob’s Fig Rolls? And why do some people like Marmite? These and other mysteries are tackled in Eating for Ireland, a collection of short pieces on the weird and wonderful world of food in Ireland. From much-loved sweet treats like Arctic Rolls, Bird’s Custard and the ’99’ to the enduring attractions of bacon and cabbage, processed cheese and Sunday brunch, and from the lamentable state of the country’s sausages and rashers to the joys of a proper picnic, there is plenty here to enjoy.
What’s the right way to make spaghetti Bolognese? And is fast food an acceptable guilty pleasure or just plain wrong? In Eating for Ireland, Tom Doorley gets stuck into all these subjects and more — in his inimitable light-hearted yet authoritative style.
In a more personal vein, he writes about his Auntie May, his love of blackberries and other wild foods and the importance of the Aga. From the joys of cold curry to the importance — or not — of table manners, Eating for Ireland has it all. Whether you enjoy it in small helpings or in a single gluttonous feast, this book is a wonderfully entertaining collection by one of Ireland’s best-loved food writers.

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