Dublin Nazi No. 1

  • “In Dublin Nazi No. 1, Gerry Mullins has created a sympathetic, though not uncritical, portrait of a man who was a committed National Socialist but who also made an important contribution to Ireland's cultural life. The book, written in vivid prose and illustrated with numerous previously unpublished photographs, sheds new light on a fascinating individual and the disjointed times in which he lived.” ––Mayo Books
  • “This work throws some interesting light on the politics of the interwar period and on the war itself.” ––A A Nofi

Meet The Author

Gerry Mullins is a former travel writer and magazine editor, and has also worked in journalism and finance in San Francisco. His previous books include the critically acclaimed Dublin Nazi No.1, a biography of the former Director of the National Museum of Ireland (published by Liberties Press). He is also the author of the best-selling Dorothea Lange’s Ireland, and co-producer of Photos to Send, a documentary on Lange’s Irish photos which has won ten international awards. Gerry lives in Dublin 8, where Testosterone, Dublin 8 is set.

Dublin Nazi No. 1 charts the remarkable life of Adolf Mahr, a founding member of the Nazi party in Ireland during the 1930s, and who was head of the German propaganda radio service that broadcast into Ireland throughout the war. Dublin Nazi No.1 also shows how Mahr maintained strong friendships with Jews, and tried to help several escape persecution by the Nazis.

Using the first interviews with Mahr’s family, previously unpublished photographs, and hundreds of recently discovered letters, Gerry Mullins also describes the extraordinary struggles of Adolf Mahr’s family, from their attendance at Hitler Youth camps in Dublin, to bomb shelters in Berlin at the height of the Second World War.

Was Mahr a spy who used his position in the Irish civil service to prepare Germany’s invasion plan of Ireland? Did his intervention in Berlin help preserve Ireland’s neutrality? Was he a loyal servant of Hitler, or an idealistic nationalist who simply ‘backed the wrong horse’? These questions and many others are answered in this fascinating biography of Adolf Mahr, one of the most controversial figures in twentieth-century Irish history. The book features a foreword by documentary film-maker Cathal O’Shannon.

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