Down These Green Streets

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  • "Wonderful collection of essays and interviews! This book not only provides a history of Irish mystery/crime fiction, but analyzes the reasons for its relative scarcity in the great Irish literary tradition." --Susan, Goodreads
  • "Sublime." --Alison Walsh, Irish Independent

Meet The Author

Declan Burke is one of Ireland’s leading crime fiction authors. He reviews regularly for a variety of national newspapers and magazines, and hosts the website Crime Always Pays. His novels include Eightball Boogie (2003), The Big O (2007), Absolute Zero Cool (2011) and Slaughter’s Hound (2012).

Absolute Zero Cool was shortlisted in the crime fiction section for the Irish Book Awards, and received the Goldsboro/Crimefest ‘Last Laugh’ Award for Best Humorous Crime Novel. Declan is the editor of Down These Green Streets: Irish Crime Writing in the 21st Century (2011). He lives in Wicklow with his wife and daughter, where he is not allowed to own a cat, or be owned by one.

Down These Green Streets: Irish Crime Writing in the 21rst Century is a wonderfully detailed collection of essays, interview and short fiction. The contributors list includes a number of distinguished and internationally renowned crime writers, such as John Connolly, Tana French, John Banville and Alex Barclay.

Is crime fiction now the most relevant and valid form of writing to deal with modern Ireland in terms of the post-Troubles landscape and the post-Celtic Tiger economic boom? As the first book written on this topic, Down These Green Streets is both detailed and diverse, with each chapter providing a new author’s approach and discussing a different aspect of Irish crime writing.

For example, Declan Hughes focuses on the influence of American culture on Irish crime writing, while Tana French reflects on crime fiction and the post-Celtic Tiger Irish identity. Down These Green Streets is for both the academic and the general reader.

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