Dope in the Age of Innocence

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  • “High adventure. A driving narrative and journeys of the heart and mind. Beautifully written. Nobody has captured the highs and heartbreak of the early dope days as well as Damien Enright. Compulsive reading. A classic.” —Peter Nichols, author of Voyage for Madmen
  • “Damien Enright has written a romantic memoir; it is not short on sex, it is rackety with psychedelic drugs, and it is innocent, too, thanks to the author's faith – if not quite fidelity – in love and his belief in the art of words. Damien has produced the only accurate description I have come across of Ibiza in the 1960s, when the world was still vast, and to explore it was an adventure.” —Irma Kurtz, Cosmopolitan

Meet The Author

After thirty-two years living in exotic overseas places, Damien Enright returned to Ireland in 1990. He has written a weekly environmental column in the Irish Examiner for almost twenty years. His book A Place Near Heaven: A Year in West Cork received widespread critical acclaim, as has his series of eight walking guides. He regularly contributes to Irish and overseas magazines, and has written and presented RTÉ heritage programmes, including the series Enright’s Way.

Ibiza, 1960. On the beautiful Mediterranean island, the high-rise resorts are still decades away. By chance, Damien Enright, twenty-one-years old and Irish, arrives there with his wife and two children and finds a handful of down-at-heel foreign Bohemians leading wild, hedonistic lives. He and his wife get involved; their marriage quickly breaks down and he spends two heartbroken years in London before returning to Ibiza with a new partner and another child. They take LSD and inspired by dreams of a brave new world, cross to the remote island of Formentera to lead alternative lives.

This is a decade before Howard Marks became Mr. Nice: the embryonic drug culture in the west motivated not by profit but by idealism. Sometimes, that early search for freedom ventured not just beyond the mind but beyond the law. To sustain their families on Formentera, Enright and two desperado pals head to London in a beat-up car and do some risky travellers cheque scams.

Then, restless and unsure of his love for his partner, he makes a hair-raising trek to Turkey in the depths of winter to find hashish for the group. Things go badly awry and he find himself a fugitive, at the mercy of unreliable friends. Part road story, drug story, love story, Dope in the Age of Innocence is fundamentally a parable about drug enlightenment, the loss and rediscovery of love and the tempering of innocence.

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