Conversations in Singapore

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Michael is about to embark on writing his second book, all about the meaning of true success. His agent wants him to take an academic stance – a review of success down through the ages – but Michael wants to write a book that feels true to him. So he embarks on a 22-week overland trip from London to Sydney, to give him a chance to figure it all out.
He gets his answer unexpectedly in a hotel in Singapore, where the mysterious Parandin asks him a series of questions about what it means to live a life of true success. She challenges him to share what he has learnt, in order to inspire others.
You may be feeling that:
The success you want in your life has evaded you or passed you by
You have been pursuing someone else’s idea of success
You have no idea what true success might mean for you.
If so, then this is the book for you. Whether you are just starting out on your life’s journey or have already gone some way down the road, Michael shows you that it is never too late to discover what true success means to you, and to go after it. For when you do, anything can happen.
Michael E. Daly is an author, speaker and workshop leader. Conversations in Singaporeis his second book: the follow on to the critically acclaimed The Six Traits of Self-leadership. While based in Ireland, Michael is regularly invited to travel throughout Europe, to speak, teach, give presentations and lead workshops on Personal Leadership and Goal-setting for True Success. Michael trained as a monk; he holds qualifications in Public Administration, Social Care, and Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, and has an M.A. in Health Care Management.

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