Brevity Is the Soul


Meet The Author

When Ireland (along with much of the rest of the world) went into lockdown last spring, we scratched our heads and wondered what to do to help lift people’s spirits.* We joined forces with Irish Pensions & Finance and ran a competition celebrating Irish people’s love of a good story – and a good laugh. There were only two requirements: make it funny, and make it (fairly) short. We were overwhelmed by the response: we received hundreds of entries, from all over the island (and further afield), written by people from all walks of life.
Comdian (and now bookseller) Kevin Gildea agreed to judge the entries. There could only be three winners (well four, in fact: the top prize was split between two outstanding stories) – but the entries were so good, we decided to gather the best of them into a book. And here they are – from the sublime to the ridiculous. Think Graham Norton’s Big Red Chair to Samuel Beckett’s humour – and all points in between. The result is: Wit from Lockdown Ireland.
Published on 27 February 2021. Available to order now. #laughteristhebestmedicine
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*That’s not entirely true: first we panicked; then we calmed down a bit; then we had a bit of a think about what to do next.