Born to Be Beautiful

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  • "As a baby Development and Sleep Specialist and Mum of 3 young children I feel this book is very much needed. I think I can speak for all Mum’s when I say we spend all our time concentrating on our babies and in doing so forget about Us! This book is an excellent read, realistic in terms of expectations and gentle reminders of how important and actually how easy it is to refocus on ourselves. I highly recommend this book for all Mum’s, Mum’s to be, Mum’s with newborns and Mum’s with young children. All Mum’s should read this book." -- Fiona O'Farrel, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Amazon.co.uk Reviews
  • "It is true that all the parenting and pregnancy books I have read are focused on children, not on the Mum. It was so refreshing to read Donna's book that focuses, very realistically on me as a Mum, on my confidence with a changing body and the new and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities that come with being a Mum first time round, 2nd time round or even 3rd time round. This book has helped me think about how I want to feel about myself, and has given very practical steps to move me in this direction." --Amazon.co.uk Reviews

Meet The Author

Donna Kennedy was born in Co. Mayo, Ireland. Mother to baby Ashton, she is a qualified psychologist and professional motivational speaker. She regularly features in national and international media as an expert in the areas of life enhancement and business development. She has given talks and seminars to thousands of people and companies worldwide and her work has been recognised and cited in international journals by leading organisations.

Do you want to look and feel amazing during and after pregnancy? Are you worried about getting your figure back after the birth?

During her own pregnancy, qualified psychologist and international media personality Donna Kennedy developed a plan to stay in top shape.

It worked for Donna and now she wants it to work for you.

In Born to be Beautiful, she shares all the details of her pregnancy plan, explaining how you can have a healthy baby while maintaining the body you want.

Donna focuses on positive thinking, exercise, nutrition and style. Born to be Beautiful includes self-assessment tools, goal templates, healthy recipes and much more, leaving no question unanswered for women who might be scared to ask the tough questions about their changing bodies. It shuns the notion of fad diets, and instead focuses on health and emotional balance, showing women how to feel genuinely confident and happy.

For pregnant women and for first time mothers, it can be intimidating to wade into the big unknown: but this book gifts you with the tools to develop and retain your self confidence while embarking on the exciting path to motherhood.

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