Bare: Irish Women’s Sexual Fantasies

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  • “Groundbreaking” —Sunday Times
  • “Bare is not just a nicely produced book giving a fascinating insight into the hidden desires of Irish women, it is also an important part of a conversation that is beginning to rumble along, louder at last.” —Sunday Independent
  • “The summer’s most titillating book” —Irish Examiner

Bare: Irish Women’s Sexual Fantasies is a revolutionary exploration of female sexuality in Ireland. Author-editor Julianne Daly (not her real name) conducted a comprehensive survey of women living in Ireland, asking them to share and describe their sexual fantasies in explicit detail. There’s even a treat for native Irish language speakers, as one fantasy is written as Gaeilge!
It seems that there is a real hunger to know what other women are thinking about sex – perhaps out of curiosity, or because we want to know whether what we are thinking is normal. Well, Irish women are thinking about men and women and couples. They are thinking about their partners, their partners’ best friends, their bosses, their neighbours and their priests. They are thinking about that gorgeous blue-eyed guy from the pub – and his brother.
They are thinking about dominating their lovers, and being dominated by them. They are thinking about intimate moments with long-term partners and brief encounters with faceless strangers. They are thinking about airport car parks, hotels, libraries and swimming pools.
With a foreword by Shawna Scott, owner of Ireland’s first health and design-focused online sex shop, sexsiopa.ie, Bare aims to shine a light on a topic that was once considered taboo. Stories range from the mild, to the surprising, to the shockingly provocative, and give a glimpse into the modern Irish woman’s innermost sexual thoughts. This book, now in its third printing, has started a conversation about sex, how women in this country think about it, and how they want it.
Julianne Daly is a pen-name for the author, who, like the women who wrote the fantasies, prefers to remain anonymous.

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