An Obstacle Confusion

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  • “The cult of Barneyisms finally finds its voice in the words and art of Jim McCann and Wendy Shea. . . . Subtitled 'The Wondeful World of Barney McKenna', it captures the enigmatic nature of a man who made his banjo talk.” ––Sunday Independent
  • “Warm and witty...beautiful and affectionate illustrations.There are scores of stories to enjoy, all imbued with Barney's lovely logic. A sheer delight.” ––Irish Mail on Sunday
  • “Over the years I have heard many “Barneyisms” from the eternally young John Sheahan and in his poem Banjo Barney, John sums up every appearance that Barney made with the line, ‘Barneyisms embellish the craic’. . . . Jim McCann didn't live to see the publication of his work but thank God he didn’t take this marvellous collection of barneyisms to the grave with him.” ––Tipp Tatler
  • “A very good collection of Barneyisms. . . . A good read, and a reminder of wilder times during the earlier years of the first and only proper Irish Boy Band.” ––K J Walker
  • “I had been waiting for this book for a long time. When it came, I started reading bits of it aloud to the family and soon everybody was in stitches.” ––Compulsive Reader

The Dubliners were travelling through a wine-growing region in southern Germany and had stopped at a scenic restaurant with a wonderful view over the vine-covered hills and valleys. They stood outside, gazing at the breathtaking, sun-dappled panorama, an occasional medieval castle peeking through the mist-shrouded trees, and basked in the beauty of the idyllic scene. Barney eventually broke the reverential silence. ‘Jaysus,’ he said, ‘there’s a fair few hangovers growin’ up there.’
Formed in 1962 in O’Donoghue’s Pub, Dublin, The Dubliners were arguably the most popular Irish folk band in the world. Barney McKenna, one of the founder members of The Dubliners, was also famous for another reason: ‘Banjo Barney from Donnycarney’ was capable of bringing any conversation to a sudden stop by uttering something so completely unexpected as to reduce everyone present to bemused silence.
An Obstacle Confusion: The Wonderful World of Barney McKenna is a collection of stories about Barney and his ‘Barneyisms’. It was compiled by the late Jim McCann, a former member of The Dubliners, and illustrated by Wendy Shea, a long-time friend of Barney. These wonderful flights of fancy are must-reads for Dubliners fans, young and old.

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