An Irishman’s Diet: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

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Meet The Author

Paul O’Doherty is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the Irish Times and various other publications. He is also the presenter/producer of Dublin City’s Bookbound. He lives in Dublin with his wife. This is his first book.

“This is really hard for me to say, but here goes. My name is Paul O’Doherty and I’m an unhealthy-looking forty-something with a bulging compacted stomach and a chin that could have doubled as a lifeboat on the Titanic.”

So begins An Irishman’s Diet, Paul O’Doherty’s hilarious account of his efforts to lose weight and generally become a better, healthier and more productive person.

Paul goes behind the scenes in the sometimes bizarre world of weight-loss classes, fad dieting and spa treatment centres. He vows to take more exercise, joining a gym, taking up running with a personal trainer, and even digging his allotment, and recounts his struggles to avoid the temptations of fast food in general, and chips in particular. Can his willpower help him lose the weight and run the Dublin Marathon? Or will the snack box get him in the end?

This book, which began life as a column in the Irish Times, will appeal to all the men who have ever tried to lose weight, and to all the women who have had to deal with a husband, boyfriend or male relative making a spectacle of himself in pursuit of the body beautiful. An uproarious and cringe-inducing read.

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