1968: Memoir and Murder

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  • “You will rejoice at a story that is erudite and beautifully written, and will keep you reading, sometimes between tears.” —Irish Echo

Meet The Author

Andrew Nugent, OSB, took legal degrees at University College Dublin and at King’s Inns and qualified as a barrister. In 1961, after two years in legal practice, he entered Glenstal Abbey, Limerick. He was ordained priest in August 1968. Between 1979 and 2001 he spent a total of ten years in a monastery in Nigeria founded by his abbey in Ireland. He has written several books, including The Slow Release Miracle (Paulist Press: 2006), Second Burial for a Black Prince (2010: St Martin’s Press/Minotaur), Soul Murder (2009: St Martin’s Press/Minotaur), and The Four Courts Murder (2005: St Martin’s Press/Minotaur). Andrew Nugent died in 2015.

Young, idealistic and eager for life experience, Andrew and his childhood friend, Eoin, leave Strasbourg, where they are both studying, to embark upon a summer hitch-hiking trip through Normandy and Brittany, escaping the political turbulence of the 1968 Student Revolution.

Spending their days apart, Eoin and Andrew meet each evening to share their adventures on the road. The purpose of their adventure is the broadening of their world by engaging strangers in conversation, and listening to their stories. It is this opening that brings Eoin to his downfall, as he disappears one evening, only to be discovered dead, in a shallow grave weeks later, propelling Andrew on a climatic hunt to find his killer.

In this fictionalised memoir, the drama of close friendship and the dynamic of young love between Andrew and his girlfriend Marianne, is played out against a traumatic murder mystery, where seasoned crime writer Andrew Nugent pens a strikingly tender depiction of friendship and self discovery.

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