1798: Tomorrow the Barrow We’ll Cross

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  • “History novels are difficult to get right as they can seem either too contemporary or too archaic. Murphy's tactic is to stick fairly close to the facts and embellish them with an elaborate style -- a gathering of 20,000 peasants, brandishing pitchforks and slash-hooks and raring to plunge into battle, lends itself to verbosity.” --Irish Independent
  • “The book shines with historically accurate description and authentic dialogue but the real strength of the novel is in the careful crafting of a gut wrenching and page turning story filled with characters that you will come to love. The story is told from a number of viewpoints; the idealistic Dan, the realistic Tom and the courageous Elizabeth and it also examines the impact of the rebellion on all levels of society. At 423 pages it is not a light read but it is unputdownable, whether you have an interest in history or simply enjoy a good tale well told.” -- Lisa Redmond, Goodreads

Meet The Author

Joe Murphy was born in 1979 in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, where he lived for nineteen years before dying. Then he got better. He was educated in Enniscorthy VEC from where he went on to study English in UCD. After undertaking a Masters in Early Modern Drama, he went on to qualify as a secondary school teacher. His job is teaching. You wouldn’t believe the stories. He has had poetry published in an anthology of Enniscorthy writers. 1798 is his first novel. His second novel, Dead Dogs, is also available from Liberties Press.

This detailed and wonderfully written historical novel by Joe Murphy is based on the momentous events of the 1798 rebellion, a key period in Ireland’s tumultuous past. Capturing both the personal and national stories unravelling during the summer of 1798, this novel is an ode to the heroism and tragedy of that time.

The summer of 1798. Against all odds, against all hope, a tiny county fights the British Empire to a standstill. Two brothers, Dan and Tom Banville, find their comfortable rural existence ravaged as Ireland tips inevitably towards war. As the whispers and nods in the pubs and fields explode into all-out Rebellion, the Banville brothers find themselves thrust to the forefront of the revolution. Even as they fight the might of the British empire, more sinister battles must be fought within their own ranks as they struggle against the bigotry and indecision that will challenge the very foundations of the Rebellion. As Loyalists and United Irishmen drift ever further apart, Dan and Tom must fight to free Ireland and themselves – or lose everything.

1798: Tomorrow The Barrow We’ll Cross is an epic, swashbuckling tale of the romance and hatred, heroism and barbarity of those tragic weeks in the summer of 1798. But over the roar of battle, this is a story about love. Love of family. Love of place. Love of people.

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