Patrick Treacy

Cosmetic doctor Patrick Treacy grew up in rural Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Determined to become a doctor, he raised the money for medical school by smuggling cars from Germany to Turkey. He studied Molecular Biology at Queen's University Belfast and medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons. While working in a hospital in Dublin in 1987, disaster struck: a needle he had used to draw blood from a patient with HIV jabbed him in the leg. Overwhelmed by the emotions this incident stirred up, he travelled to New Zealand, where he began a peripatetic existence, working as a doctor in Baghdad, Australia and elsewhere. (He subsequently tested negative for HIV.)

On returning to Dublin, Treacy set up the Ailesbury Clinic, where he worked on the cutting-edge of the new field of cosmetic dermatology, championing treatments such as the use of Botox. He has worked in medical clinics around the world, including the UK, the United States, Australia, South Africa and the Caribbean.

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