Eddie Hobbs

"“The effervescent Eddie Hobbs is an unlikely hero. His fervour for financial matters, folksy manner and grating accent are hardly the usual criteria for TV stardom, but this chirpy presenter is now the most talked about man in Ireland, and he is causing havoc in political circles.” ––Irish Independent"

Eddie Hobbs is the originator and presenter of Irish TV blockbuster series Rip Off Republic, which challenged the establishment orthodoxy and its insider cartels. With THE FIRST HERESY, he has combined his love of history with his maverick and challenging perspective, which looks for connections across centuries of time, testing the perceptions not just of Christian-foundation myths but also of spirit-man and our destiny. Eddie's last book, Own Our Oil, was published by Liberties Press in 2014. He is married with four children and lives in County Kildare, Ireland.

Author's books

The First Heresy


Information about the first heresy is secreted out of Jerusalem after its fall in AD 70. It reaches the last great pagan philosopher, Hypatia of Alexandria, and is smuggled out of Egypt by her slave-companion on the day of her murder. Centuries later, clues to the First Heresy are revealed in Ireland to a Norman youth and retired Templar Knight.

The First Heresy, the debut novel from financial commentator and TV presenter Eddie Hobbs, draws on deep historical research to create a unique, fast-paced thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat.