What’s in a name?

All professions use jargon: terms which are familiar to insiders – and not to those outside the fold. It’s partly a kind of secret code, designed to keep people out: if you don’t know what a particular term means, you don’t really know what we’re talking about. But it’s also a simple matter of convenience: […]

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Tina Forever

Last night we watched the documentary film Tina, about the remarkable life of rock ’n’ roll legend Tina Turner. When we talk about “legends”, we’re usually referring to someone who’s dead. Thankfully, despite everything, Tina Turner is still very much still with us. Tina was shown as part of the Dublin International Film Festival, sponsored […]

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Brevity Is the Soul: Out with the Old

Let’s call a spade a spade: 2020 will not go down in the annals as a vintage year. The birds continued to sing (more often than before, in fact), and the sun came up in the morning; other than that, many of the things we enjoy – sport, the arts, meeting friends and family for […]

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From the West down to the East

“So, Mr Larkin, you’re a distinguished poet. What are you doing out here in Hull, so far from the centre?” Philip Larkin, possibly after a short pause: “The centre of what?” // “So, Dr Williams, where did you get your English?” William Carlos Williams, possibly after a short pause: “Out of the mouths of Polish […]

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I Blame Jaws

I blame Jaws. Not the things in your mouth: they can be useful – for eating, for example. No, the film about the big shark. Before that movie came along, films were usually released on a fairly small scale, often in a particular geographical region. If they got a good reaction, they were rolled out […]

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